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Freeport Historical Museum

City of Freeport opened the doors to its Historical Museum on Saturday, September, 26, 2009.

There is a model of the old swing bridge and the light house that was located in old Velasco. Currently, the 3,000 square foot building has a media room and a conference/meeting room in addition to the main room with pictures of local history.


The Dow Heritage House, Children's Museum and the temporary exhibit hall are all available for rental. Call to schedule a rental at 979-233-0066.

Schedule a Tour

Call to schedule a tour at 979-233-0066.

Donate to the Museum

Already local residents have donated or loaned the Museum historical memorabilia. If you would like to donate or loan a piece of Freeport history to the museum, please contact the museum at 979-233-0066 or City Hall at 979-233-3526.

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